The wastewater treatment system is regulated by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks under the Ontarion Water Resources Act.

Each year, the Utilities file an Annual Report with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks on the operation of the communal Peat Bed septic system. The report includes ground water test results, corrective actions, and major repairs.

The Township of Greater Madawaska and Calabogie Peaks ULC have entered into a Municipal Responsibility Agreement (the “MRA”) to regulate the operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater systems. The MRA is intended to protect the Township and the systems users if there is a system failure or default that is not corrected by the Utilities.

The MRA requires the Calabogie Utilities to:

  • Operate and maintain the systems in accordance with MECP regulations
  • Provide the Township with copies of all operating reports submitted to regulators
  • Insure the systems
  • Post security for its MRA obligations
  • Build a reserve fund to operate, maintain, repair and replace system components

If Calabogie Utilities fails to operate and maintain the systems, the Township may take over operation and ownership and use the reserve fund and security to pay the cost of remedying any deficiencies. System users are responsible for any Township costs that exceed the reserve fund and security. The reserve fund and security comprise substantial financial sums and have been sized to cover all expected operating expenses and capital replacements.

Access the Municipal Responsibility Agreement.