Quick Tips:

  • Make sure that you and your family know where your gas meter’s shut off valve is (normally located at your meter) and how to turn your gas supply off
  • Do not tie your pets to your meter or gas piping
  • Do not attach or chain objects (such as barbecues or bicycles) to your meter or gas piping

Yard and Landscaping:

  • Make sure your meter is always visible and accessible for maintenance and emergency responders
  • Keep your meter clear of vegetation or other debris
  • Keep the meter free of other obstacles, such as stacked firewood, bicycle or toys etc.
  • Never let children climb or play on the gas meter or pipes
  • Don’t plant trees or shrubs near your gas meter
  • Dig by hand when landscaping near your gas meter. If you damage a gas line, you may be responsible for the costs of repairs. If you have any doubts about where gas lines are located, please call
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